Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Sticky Fingered Fish

Two weeks ago, Olivia and I went to my sister's house to visit and to help her unpack after moving the week before. Olivia played with Saedee and Royce most of the time and loved carrying around bags and purses, that is her new thing, among other things (you will see)!

Saturday night, after we had been home for a few hours, I was in the laundry room and Olivia came to me with this little toy in her hands. She said "I took this." I recognized this as a toy from Royce's room.

I said "Olivia, that is bad" and she said "No it's not!" I said "We need to go take a picture and send it to Ya-Ya (my sister, Sarah) and show her," and Olivia said "No we don't!"

I was informed by my sister that this is an anhydrous tank and Olivia obviously put it in one of her bags that she was carrying around, and later confessed to me.  Olivia and I had an age appropriate talk about taking things that don't belong to us.

So, the next night, Olivia was playing with her bags again and pulled out a cell phone. I recognized this as one of my brother-in-law's old cell phones. I believe that he let her play with this while we were there but he did not say she could take it. So I sent this picture to my sister saying:
 "Stolen Item #2"

This kid is going to have to be placed on probation and I am tempted to make her fill out a shoplifting packet from work! What is wrong with her. She steals and she is sneaky! Gracious!

Ok, to make things even worse, Monday night, Larry, Olivia and I were in the master bedroom. I picked up a bag and the phone was under it. Olivia grabbed it and said "my phone." Larry said "No, that is Uncle Roy's." Olivia proceeded to back talk and argue and just be sassy. She kept saying "Uncle Roy gave it to me" and "that is my phone." If you have spent any amount of time with Olivia, you have probably seen her exhibit some sass. She is pretty good at shaking her head, rolling her eyes, putting her hand on her hip and talking back. I am not bragging or proud, just telling the truth.

So, Olivia keeps this activity up, and I am really getting sick of it. Larry is telling her to quit talking like that and she proceeds anyway. So, I bent down to pick something up from the floor and tapped her on the mouth with my fingers. Just touched my fingers to her lips and said "quit talking like that, that is naughty."

Olivia, stolen cell phone in hand, opens it, puts it to her ear and says "Hi Mawmaw, this is Olivia! My mommy hit my in the face and she does it ALL the time!"

WHAT???????? Are you KIDDING me???????

Disclaimer: I did not and have not HIT her. I touched her mouth. For Pete's Sake!

So, in summary, She stole 2 items, and then tattled and lied to my mother on the STOLEN cell phone!  Heaven Help Me!