Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Naked in Target!

Ok, before we get to the "Naked in Target" part of the day, I need to back up to last night to give you the whole picture! Olivia has been starting to get sick since last week when she had surgery to have her tube removed from her ear, and last night was terrible! She has a yucky runny nose, she was whiny and cranky and we were just trying to get through the night. She had diarrhea in the bathtub to start off the wonderful evening, she woke up after going to sleep because she had wet her bed, and she cried, tossed and turned all night because her ear hurt! This is not the ear that she had surgery on last week, of course not, this is a whole other issue! So we barely got any sleep and she ended up in the bed with me. At around 2:30am I was trying to give her some Tylenol because she kept crying that her ear hurt, she flung the bottle and Tylenol went all over my bed and comforter! AND, when we woke up she had wet MY bed, LOVELY!

So, she is watching Mickey Mouse (her new favorite) while I showered, stripped the bedS, started a load of laundry and got us both ready for the day! I took her to daycare and went to the office. You have to wait until 9am to even call the doctor to get an appointment (one of the only bad things I can say about our pediatrician), so I started calling at 9am and got through pretty quickly to be disconnected 3 times while being transferred to the nurse! So, at 9:25am, I FINALLY talked to a nurse who got us in at 10:10am. I left work at 9:30, right after I got off the phone and closed down my computer at work (got a LOT done today!) and went to get Olivia! I picked her up at daycare and we went to the doctor's office. We didn't have to wait long, the doctor and an intern came in, she has a "raging" ear infection in the "other" ear, the ear from last week looks fine, she has congestion and he gave us a script for an antibiotic. He suggested that she go ahead and get her flu shot. I was fine with that because she had one last year and I just hadn't gotten her one yet this year. So the nurse comes in and says that it will go in her left thigh. I pull her pants down and sit her on my lap. The nurse asked her about her panties and before she could even answer, the bandaid was on, the shot was over and neither Olivia or I knew that it had happened! Give that nurse an award please!!!

Olivia waiting patiently for the Doctor!

We head to Target to fill the antibiotic. I have to go to my best friends's house first to drop off my comforter because she let's me use her washer since her's is the fancy, big, one and mine is too small to wash it in. Don't I have the best friend ever, who will wash my laundry for me? Well, we can't come in because she is sick! So, I drop it off, and we head back to town. Olivia wants a drink, so I hand her my Dr. Pepper, which I hardly ever have anymore, but of course I got one today! And she procedes to dump the whole thing down her shirt and pants. Which really was an accident, the top came off, she didn't mean to. She is screaming and yelling that it is cold. I pull over, take her out of the car seat and take her soaked clothes off. I didn't bring a diaper bag because I don't take one to day care and I didn't think about going to the doctor. I couldn't find anything in my car, which usually has an extra everything, and her clothes are just too wet to put back on. I need more than just the prescription so driving through CVS really isn't an option today. Decision to make........ 1) just drive the 20 miles home and 20 miles back to Target. 2) call my friend in Liberty who has a girl a little younger than Olivia and ask her for help for my poor sick naked child. or 3) take my naked child into Target! As you can tell from the Title of this Blog Post, I chose #3!

I enter Target with Olivia on my hip wearing Keds shoes, socks, panties which somehow didn't get very wet, a jean jacket and 2 big brown bows because it is Crazy Hair Day at Day Care! I am sure that we got a lot of judging looks but I just wasn't looking! You know how Wal-Mart has those pictures online of crazy looking people? Well, if Target has that, I am sure we will be on it!!!!!!  We drop off the script at the pharmacy and head to the toddler section. I let her pick a dress and some new panties! We head to the check-out in our damp panties and jean jacket and purchase our items! We go to the bathroom and put them on!   Whew!!!!

Olivia no longer naked in Target!

Now we are good, we head back into the store, I tell Olivia that we can go and look for a small toy since she has been so good, she really had been! We are looking at the play dough and she sees this Stuffed Mickey Mouse (about as big as she is) in the clearance section (my kind of girl!) I can't find a price on the doll or on the shelf. She is still being good and politely asking for the Mickey Mouse! We go find one of those price scanners and it is $6.99! It is SO hers! She hugs him the rest of the time! We get the rest of what we need, get the antibiotic and head to the check out (AGAIN)!  There is 1 lane open, of course, and the person in front of me needed EVERYTHING! Then he decided to open a credit card, which took forever. We get back in the car, dressed this time :)  My friend who is doing my laundry at her house calls and Olivia decides to start screaming that she needs a snack the whole time we talk! As soon as I get off the phone with my friend, she falls asleep with Mickey Mouse!  And, it is only 11:55am! Wow!!!!!!

Olivia and Mickey when we got home!


  1. you poor girls, that was quite a day!

  2. As long as she had on shoes and bows, she was all good! It is all about the accessories anyways!

  3. Ha. {i'm only laughing because I'm secretly thrilled that my day wasn't like that}. :) Ear infections are miserable, but so glad you got an antibiotic. Hopefully tonight goes better for you guys!