Sunday, November 27, 2011

Unnecessary Noises!

My last post was kinda mushy and serious, this one, however, is NOT!
It sticks with the theme of OCD and my issues with not having control, but is completely different.

I will just warn you now that I am admitting that I have this problem and really don't plan on changing it.
I work on it some but don't really see me changing completely, just tellin' ya!

I HATE unnecessary noises! Completely cannot stand it! Now, let's define unnecessary noises:
Clipping finger and toenails, that noise is awful, now I know clipping is necessary, but I can't stand the noise!
Clearing your throat, cannot stand it!
Sniffing or sucking snot back into your head, terrible not to mention unhealthy, just blow it out!
The noise that the timer on my dryer makes when it is on but not running, like a ticking noise, unnecessary!
Slurping or sipping noises, like when people drink coffee or eat soup, use your manners people!
When people stir their drinks and clang the spoon to the cup, over and over again, come on!!!!!
The blinker (or turning indicator, as my husband calls it) on my car, why do I have to hear the noise inside the car, isn't the point to have people outside of the car know that I am planning on turning, I ALREADY know that I am turning, I turned on the blinker, I wish I could turn off that sound!

Ok, I could probably go on and on, but I won't. You get the idea.
Now, I know that I should probably just chill out and I honestly do try.
You people who work with me or in the mental health or medical field, are probably saying that I need medication or therapy for these issues. This goes along with the obsession to planning and will probably be diagnosed if I ever get that psych eval!

I just try to ignore it and deal with it, but I just wish someone could tell me why we have to live with unnecessary noises! PLEASE!!!!!!

Ok, I have that off my chest and feel better now, thanks for listening (or reading) to me vent!


  1. I CANNOT stand the sound of the dogs eating and drinking out of the water bowls. The slurping just about sends me over the edge!

  2. I have the SAME exact problem. My worst one is when people chew with their mouth open and make those little noises with their lips and tongue after eating. My question is how does it not bother them? I can't even stand hearing myself chew (with my mouth closed!) I need to find a way to calm down too, because I've already raised my voice to too many people and I feel horrible.