Monday, April 1, 2013

Egg-cellent Condition!

When we have family dinners, we all bring a dish or two (or three or four) to the dinner. The last few years, I have been bringing deviled eggs (among other things) to family dinners! I have these handy travel containers and I don't mind making them! This Easter was no different, I signed up for deviled eggs, corn and green bean casserole and two desserts!

So, on Saturday, I plop 18 eggs into a pot of water, bring it to a boil and cook for 13 minutes! This is how I always cook them and then soak in cold water! This time, for some reason, they did not turn out. They would not peel and the yolks were not done, they were gross. In the trash goes all 18 (actually 20, because I always do a couple extra just in case some are not pretty)!

(Now STOP! I know that everyone is about to want to tell me how they cook their hard boiled eggs! That is not the point of this post people! But you can tell me if you want to!)

So...... I go to the store, buy 18 more eggs, and try again. This time I cooked them a little different. I peeled them all and about half peeled easily. And about half looked like this or worse.......

I decided this bunch of people would not care if the outside of the eggs were not completely smooth. I make my wonderful filling, piped them into the eggs, sprinkled with paprika and (whew) done with that!

Now, it is Sunday, we pile all of the children and Easter dinner dishes into the car, drive the 80 miles to my sister's and church (of course!).  When we get to her house I put the food in the refrigerator. After pictures we go back in the house to put the finishing touches on lunch. My sister opens the fridge and one of the containers of eggs falls out!

I walk into the kitchen to see my sister's dear sweet mother-in-law scooping the filling back into the eggs and trying to clean it up. I told her to just throw it in the trash and she said that deviled eggs are hard work and she wants to save them. Sweet lady! So she did!

We have a wonderful Easter lunch which would have only been better if my parents could have been there! We clean up, have Easter egg hunt, rest, visit, and have dessert.......

                                      Butterfinger Cake

                                     Cream Puff Dessert

Ok, I had to show you that to prove that I can make something that doesn't look like a disaster!

We were getting all of the children and food back in the car to head home and my sister and husband come out of the house laughing! My sister then admits that she dropped the container of left over deviled eggs AGAIN!

I am officially NEVER making or being in charge of deviled eggs AGAIN! Never! I may make some for my little immediate family because they love them, but NEVER will I be in charge of them for a family dinner! NEVER!

I would like to add that the container falling out of the fridge the first time was not my sister's fault, I put it in there without much room! The second time I have no idea, it could have been her fault! We were laughing too much for me to remember what she even said!

Oh, and Happy Easter!

      Wyatt, Kaitlyn and Olivia Fish                Saedee and Royce Jackson

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