Sunday, November 2, 2014

So Ready To Complain

There are times when I forget how wonderfully blessed that I am! Let's take today for example.....
Larry worked security at a church in Kansas City and Olivia and I went to church in Lathrop like always. Olivia and I came home, she played with a neighbor and I started cleaning the kitchen and making a new casserole recipe for dinner. Larry was supposed to be home around 2:30pm. Instead, he called at 2pm and said that the Missouri Police Funeral Team was being activated, which he is a member of. A 25 year old police officer was killed in the line of duty this morning, leaving his wife and young child. Larry is going to go help plan his funeral. He needed me to pack a suitcase and get all of his stuff ready. He went on to give me a detailed list of the exact items he would need. He would be home in 30 minutes and had to be back in KC at 5pm to leave and then he got off the phone. So while I am getting the suitcase out, getting his clothes out of the closet and drawers, I was very very VERY tempted to start complaining. "I have a MOMS meeting tomorrow night and he was going to pick Olivia up from school and have her at home during my meeting." "I am making a new recipe for dinner and now he won't be able to taste it." "I hate it when he is gone." "I have no idea when he will be back." Etc. Instead, I continued packing, texted a babysitter and arrange for her to watch Olivia tomorrow night, and silently said a prayer thanking The Lord that my husband is safe and able to go help a police officer's wife who is not so fortunate. I am very embarrassed and ashamed that I was that tempted to start complaining but glad that I chose to be thankful! And that I had the choice to be thankful! Larry hugged Olivia good-bye and when she asked where he was going, he carefully explained that a little kid a few hours away lost his or her dad this morning, because he died. He said that he was going to help the little kid and the mom for a day or two. He kissed us both goodbye and I thanked The Lord for my husband, while praying for this precious family whose entire life had just been turned upside down.  I am so thankful for this hero and his sacrifice!

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